Study & job combined

In cooperation with the IdS of the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, we offer a course of study in a theory-practice combination at the Lingen site. In-company training is combined with a scientifically oriented course of study. This leads to a varied and practice-oriented education that opens up good job opportunities and career paths.

During the operational phases, students gain their first practical experience in their partner companies. They get to know the company from the ground up and thus gain a comprehensive understanding of the company structure and processes. This involvement in the companies simultaneously promotes teamwork and communication skills. The combination of company and university phases thus offers students the opportunity to reflect on and directly apply the knowledge acquired during their studies.

After 6 semesters, the study programme is completed with a Bachelor’s thesis according to an individual focus with the respective degree.

Our study programmes

Students deal with computational, planning and organisational decisions in companies. The high quality of the degree programme ensures that graduates are able to master the challenges in companies in various industries.

The Industrial Engineering degree programme combines engineering sciences with economics and law. Technical knowledge is combined with commercial thinking in order to meet the increasingly complex requirements of companies that develop or sell marketable products.

Whether in industry or in the home, a lot of things are automated these days; that’s why we need well-trained personnel. In the field of engineering, the specialisations mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and mechatronics are offered. The mechanical engineering focus includes the development, analysis and construction of technical systems. In addition to the typical content of electrical engineering, students in the electrical engineering concentration are taught extensive knowledge of various engineering sciences. The major in mechatronics contains components from the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. Here students learn how technical systems are developed, constructed and repaired.

Business informatics forms the interface between computer science and business administration. The aim of the degree programme is to teach students communication techniques in addition to specialised knowledge of computer science. In this way, students can apply their acquired knowledge in the company and present solutions in a comprehensible way.

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