Welcome at emco Group purchasing department

As your first contact person for a successful and target oriented cooperation we are looking for suppliers, distributors and OEM world wide. Take time to have a look at products, requests and philosophy of emco Group.

As first step please fill out the supplier assessment and send it back to email seen below:
E-mail: purchasing@emco.de

We are partner and user of simple system. Be parter and use the advantage of global trading also. Main commodities are office supplies, tooling, electronic supplies and industrial safety e.g.

For more details and information about emco Group, requirements by purchasing and legal issues please visit our download area as well.

Your contact persons

Klaus-Jürgen Stüwe
Head of Central Purchasing


Nina Kruse
Business Partner emco Bad


Lena Bruns
Business Partner Novus Dahle


Tim Keuters
Business Partner emco Bau


Christin Heilemann
Assistance & Fleet Support



Supplier assessment (01/2024)

Download PDF

Confidentiality agreement

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General Conditions of Purchase (01/2024)

Download PDF

General agreement

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Logistics agreement

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General packing instruction

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