emco Group bundles supply chains in the heart of Germany

New logistics hub in Rödental, Franconia, as part of the new corporate strategy/Lingen location benefits

Lingen, October – With the logistics hub in Rödental, Franconia, emco Group has initiated another change process in its corporate history. For a good five years now, Emco has been developing a new, internationally oriented strategy that constantly changes internal structures in order to create a basis for growth and focus. The bundling of logistical functions of numerous product areas at the location in Rödental is part of this.

While Rödental was for a long time exclusively home to the office technology products of emco subsidiary Novus Dahle, the site is now used as a logistics hub for various products of the entire emco Group. However: not all products are centralised there, the principle of efficiency always applies. Products that are manufactured in Lingen for a project business, for example, are still delivered directly to the customer from here.

The advantages

“The advantages for centralisation are obvious,” knows Christian Gnaß, Managing Partner: “With Rödental, we bundle competences and have created a strong location that raises our logistics service to a new level with spacious areas and modern processes.” The strategic change is of course also aimed at reducing costs in the company. For example, the entire shipping logistics are coordinated autonomously on site, Gnaß emphasises. Picking is carried out digitally and thus efficiently by means of mobile data collection. In addition, the location in the middle of Germany functions as a supply chain optimiser, in short, as a central hub.

Around 11,200 square metres of logistics space have been created for integrated logistics solutions. From here, emco ships not only its office technology but also, among other things, a large number of the stocked products of the construction technology division, which has the highest turnover. Emco Bau is the international market leader for cleanliness systems of high quality and safety standards that can be designed for specific properties. Making entrance areas clean is the core of the business model. The product portfolio also includes gratings for swimming pools and sanitary facilities.

Positive effects on the Lingen location

“This bundling also benefits the Lingen location. Part of the previous storage space can now be used for other capacities in the long term and opens up new possibilities for short-term requirements or new production lines, for example. This also increases the flexibility of the Lingen site,” says Gnaß, who is more than satisfied with the change.

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