emco Group company doctor starts with vaccinations against Corona

Lingen, June – Since just under a week, company doctors are officially allowed to vaccinate against Corona.

168 employees received first vaccination

Lingen, June – Company doctors have been officially allowed to vaccinate against Corona for just under a week. On Tuesday, 15 June 2021, all employees of the emco Group who were willing to be vaccinated received their first vaccination with BioNTech.

Intensive preparations pay off

“Via our company doctor, we were initially advised of 150 vaccine doses from BioNTech, so that we were able to offer vaccination to 90 per cent of all employees willing to be vaccinated in any case. Fortunately, another 18 vaccine doses were made available, so that in the end all employees who wanted to could be vaccinated,” says Christian Gnaß, Managing Director of the emco Group.

“We are pleased that we have made an important contribution to combating the Corona pandemic with the vaccination campaign by our company doctor,” Christian Gnaß sums up.

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