Flexible working environment at the emco Group

Despite the end of the home office obligation on 01.07.2021, mobile working remains popular and accepted at emco.

The Corona pandemic has given home office at the emco Group a decisive boost – and this working model will continue to be a real alternative for many employees in the future.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, around 200 employees have been working partly or completely from home. emco had already created the technical conditions for this before the Corona crisis, so that a changeover to mobile working from home could be carried out smoothly.

What happens now – as is well known, the home office obligation ended on 01.07.2021.

“We want to give our employees the choice”, emphasised the Managing Partner, Christian Gnaß – “Flexible and trust-based working should be the norm and not the exception with us in the future”, he continued.

For this reason, the existing company agreement on the introduction of mobile working is to be extended in consultation with the works council, so that in future it will be possible to work up to 40 % of working hours on a mobile basis, provided of course that the respective workplace permits this.

Nevertheless, direct communication among each other must not be neglected.

“Employees who work on the move can and should regularly exchange information at the site, meet new colleagues and consult directly and personally with their superiors,” emphasises Gnaß.

For all employees, the familiar hygiene regulations and distance rules continue to apply when they are present in the company.