Excellent on many levels

Emco Group convinces not only with its product design, but also as an employer.

The products of the emco Group have already been awarded the most important international design and product prizes in various areas. The Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, the gold award of the Architects’ Darling Award or the marketing award of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce are in the departments of emco Bad und Bau, Novus, Dahle and emco Elektroroller.

For design, the guiding principle is “less is more”. “But this does not apply to personnel management in our company,” explains Managing Director Christian Gnaß. Therefore, a lot is invested in the satisfaction of the 1300 employees. And that starts, for example, with working hours. “With flexible working hours and mobile workplaces, we contribute to improving the balance between work and private life. Both topics are regulated in a company agreement,” reports the managing director. Support for employees in balancing family and work has also always been a concern of the emco Group. The award as a family-friendly company confirms this commitment. Fathers and mothers are not only offered individual working models, but also regulated emergency care via qualified and certified childminders. A one-week holiday camp is organised for employees’ children during the summer holidays. At Schloss Dankern, our own employees run the adventure camp for 6 to 14 year olds.

The emco Group wants its employees to stay healthy and productive. To this end, a wide range of opportunities for workplace health promotion are available, such as free medical advice, company sports groups or qualitrain. Occupational health and safety as well as company integration management (BEM) are also established components of BGM (company health management) at emco Group. There are various types of company sports at the emco Group. At the Lingen site alone, many colleagues go fishing, bowling, play football, go boating or play tennis together. Celebrating together is not neglected either: regular events such as a staff party, the Christmas party or the trainee trips are firmly anchored in the calendar. “Supporting young people is close to our hearts,” reports Christian Gnaß. In 2017, the emco Group was named “IHK Top Training Company”. The individual support of the trainees and the proximity to the trainers should enable the best possible training. “This is how we secure the skilled workers of the future,” says Gnaß. Since 2014, the emco Group has been involved as a sponsor in the “Emsland Scholarship – Business Meets Talent” programme. This gives young talents the opportunity to complete their internships at the emco Group, write their final thesis and gain initial work experience.

The emco Group has also been an “inclusive company” since 2014. “As a cooperation partner of the Christophorus-Werk Lingen, we want to contribute to the idea of an inclusive society,” explains Managing Director Gnaß. People with disabilities should be able to gain experience here and gain professional orientation and qualifications. “In order to constantly improve, we have participated in a certification by the Demography Agency for Business,” Gnaß reports further: “We face the challenge of attracting, retaining and qualifying skilled workers as well as remaining attractive for older workers. That’s why we also invest a lot in training and further education for our employees. Everyone should be able to do his or her job in the best possible way.”

Financial benefits are also an important building block for employee satisfaction: The offer of a metal pension with employer subsidy and the participation in capital-forming benefits are nice benefits for the employees of the emco Group and have long been taken for granted.


Seal award: The initial certification was in 2015, the re-certification in 2019 and with the successful renewal process, the emco Group has been certified for the seal of quality for the third time.

emco Adventurecamp 44: Every summer, the employees’ children are invited to a one-week adventurecamp at the Schloss Dankern holiday park.

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